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Additive Manufacturing And The Changes In Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is going through a period where drastic changes are necessary and welcome. There is a shift of the overall attitude towards production of a lower quantity of products which are characterized by a higher degree of value, and which are customizable, innovative, and sustainable. One of the key catalysts to this change is Additive Manufacturing (AM). This approach involves the adoption of a technology that eliminates different kinds of constraints in manufacturing that are based on traditional methods like production of organic cotton fabric wholesale, and the introduction of a new retail model.

Adopting AM

The use of additive manufacturing is not new to the industry. As a disruptive form of technology, AM is seen as a technology that can turn data into things that enable mass-customization, supply-chain simplification, and material efficiency gains. Placing a challenge to the very foundations of traditional manufacturing, its experiences and practices are what make it produce an outcome of colored, finished, and ready-to-use garments after a single manufacturing operation. It hugely prevents wastage when compared to the current technique. AM is said to be a technology which could signal a shift in the clothing industry throughout the world. It is easier to understand if you imagine the final product to be made within 24 hours of processing.

AM shifts focus to creativity and design. Besides, it is applied to apparel design and can be adopted in production. This can be accomplished without the need for a detailed manufacturing process knowledge. Reduction of human involvement is evident in the process. Further, it is important to note that it cannot be used as a substitute for mass production. Instead, it gives rise to a new business model like ‘bridge manufacturing’.

AM Giving Rise To A New Age In Fashion

One of the key factors behind the adoption of AM is the generation of over 1.8 million tonnes in waste alone. This means that manufacturing should be shown a way that ensures sustainability, and which is affordable.

As a result of the changing trends, AM has been subject to a few tests. Note that there are businesses such as GE Additive which provide collaboration opportunities. The company has deep knowledge and experience in executing additive technologies for the production process. Several researchers in reputed institutes are emerging with new solutions to produce ready-to-use, finished, and shaped garments straight from the raw material through a single manufacturing process.


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