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3 Myths About Direct-To-Garment Printing Debunked

DTG Printing Myths

DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printing can be defined as “the process of printing graphics directly onto textiles and garments” – hence, the name. With the help of this advanced printing technology, textile manufacturers can easily produce a number of intricate patterns and designs on different fabrics. Plus, such designs will stay as such for many years, unlike iron-on style transfer printing that usually fades off over time.

All About Corduroy Fabric

Corduroy is a sturdy fabric made either completely of cotton, or of a cotton and polyester blend. The term “corduroy” (cord du roi) roughly translates to “king’s cord”, but that said, one is less likely to see this fabric used in royal garments. Many fashion designers and tailors in today’s textile industry swear by the reliability of this fabric.

Fabric Choices For Your Activewear

A perfect blend of fashion and function is the key to choosing the perfect fabric for your activewear. Unlike other dressing choices, you would have to consider a number of factors while choosing the fabric for your workout costume. Note that you would be perspiring profusely and may even require a number of hot water washes at times. It is best to consider a fabric which can withstand that without losing shape. Even though there are numerous options which meet those requirements, not every one of them is made equal.

How AI Is Set To Affect Fashion Brands These Days

We have reached a point in time where fashion brands across the globe are starting to feel the need to embrace new technology just to stay on point. Customer needs are becoming nothing if not more unique. Combine that with the pace at which the industry is moving, and it is easy to see the need to improve creativity, support, and productivity in all areas, including clothing.

Additive Manufacturing And The Changes In Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is going through a period where drastic changes are necessary and welcome. There is a shift of the overall attitude towards production of a lower quantity of products which are characterized by a higher degree of value, and which are customizable, innovative, and sustainable. One of the key catalysts to this change is Additive Manufacturing (AM).

How To Find A Clothing Manufacturer For Your Business

f you are planning to launch a clothing brand, finding a method to make it different from a sea of other brands is important, and a great way to achieve that is to sell unique products.

The challenge is to find those unique products, which is why several entrepreneurs choose to make their own products. Deciding whether to supply clothing items to adults, kids, or both is not easy, and you may require some help to start this process.

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