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Fabric Choices For Your Activewear

Fabric Choices For Your Activewear

A perfect blend of fashion and function is the key to choosing the perfect fabric for your activewear. Unlike other dressing choices, you would have to consider a number of factors while choosing the fabric for your workout costume. Note that you would be perspiring profusely and may even require a number of hot water washes at times. It is best to consider a fabric which can withstand that without losing shape. Even though there are numerous options which meet those requirements, not every one of them is made equal. Therefore, those fabrics which do wonders for your friend might not necessarily work for you.

It is best to go through the pros and cons associated with every activewear fabric before choosing one. Some of the common ones along with their pros and cons are listed below; you may refer to these points for better clarity.


Cotton is one of the most common fabrics known to people. It is hard to spot a person who does not own at least one piece of cotton apparel. This is mainly because of the breathability, durability, and ease of maintenance associated with this natural fabric. However, you cannot consider cotton fabric for your workout sessions unless it is blended with some other fabric choices. It is to be noted that cotton boasts good moisture holding capacity and hence, it will hold your sweat while working out. So, it must be blended with other technical fabric options that feature some amount of wicking property.


Another common name in the field of workout fabrics is spandex. The main highlight of the spandex fabric is its ability to stretch and recover. Needless to say, this is really significant while working out. Hence, almost every active wear costume includes at least a portion of spandex since it allows the body of the person to move with ease. The main downside of spandex fabric, however, is its tendency to lose elasticity over time. The elasticity of spandex will decrease the more you toss it in a dry cleaner or dryer, or if it is ironed.


Polyester is another suitable fabric option for active wear. Some of the main advantages of polyester fabric are its durability, and affordability, as well as its ability to be recycled and reused. Plus, it features low absorbency and hence can be crafted with appropriate wicking and quick drying property through the right treatment. Plus, it can be easily used for digital printing because of its ability to hold color. The mix of multiple chemicals makes this fabric strong and durable as well. This more or less defines what a perfect workout fabric must be.


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