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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions If you don't see your answer here please call us  213.394.9456 or email us : .

One of the most common question is, how long it takes to develop  my line.

Product Development can vary depending on how ready you are and how much information you bring to us. The best practice to increase speed and efficiency is to know exactly styles you will be producing, full information about each style.

Below is some blot point to increase efficiency and speed of product development .

Please Note: it is always a good practice to leave your self with at least 60 days for product development .

  • Your Spec-sheet ready 
  • Fabric content, weight & Color
  • Quantity of each sample
  • Artwork files for neck label if tag-less 
  • Artwork files for decoration such as screen Printing or embroidery 
  • Timeline of production 
  • Prototype or fit sample 
  • Enjoy in the meantime :)

In today's technology no matter where you are it is as easy as your present in our factory we can always have a video conference or phone conversation.

If you are sourcing you will send everything along with your spec-sheet, sample ,prototype or anything else you may have to us and we get it all in work and if we are sourcing for you we will send you trim, fabric , accessory or whatever you need to you and we keep a duplicate set with us as soon as you receive it we will have one of our professional designer to talk to you and get it all sort out. Working with us is very easy we know what it takes to have a great line of clothing or develop a great custom uniform for your organization to set you apart from all other competitors.

Knowing below bullet points will help speed your development     

  • Type of fabric 
  • Stitch type
  • Quantity of each style
  • Have a detailed spec-sheet 
  • Prototype
  • Have digital pattern 
  • Labels if not tag less to be ready 

MOQ depends on different fact of the order. For most styles order quantity is 300 per style/color.

Please keep in mind MOQ is for production .Samples can be made as low as 1 sample however.

Below is a list of what factors can change the MOQ.

Euphoric Color strive to work with you we will go any length to meet your requirements call us at 800.775-7227 or email us for more information   

  • Complexity of the garment 
  • Type of fabric 
  • Garment dye or piece dye
  • Garment Sublimation  
  • Stock fabric or custom fabric 
  • Your fabric or our fabric 
  • Total order quantity per styles 
  • Lead time 

Knits, Woven and syntactic fabrics. We can produce high quality private label apparel, branded clothing made in USA, swimwear, lingerie, uniforms, apparels made for your brand and textile accessory such as tote bag, cushions, pillow, bed sheet and much more .

  • Activwear
  • Daily urban life style 
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Uniforms
  • Button downs
  • Dresses
  • Basics 
  • And much more 

Below is our lead time.

  • 30 to 45 days for stock fabric or basic fabrics 
  • Add 3 weeks if we knit custom fabric 
  • Add one week if you need garment dye 
  • Add one to two weeks for decoration 

Using stock apparel is on alternative way to build your clothing brand, uniform, school team wear, promotional corporate giveaway or any other purposes you need to customize products.

There are many wholesalers and manufacturer of apparel, garments and accessories for branding purpose stocking blanks from basic to fashion cuts.

You can always select few stock body’s as well as developing other style from ground up and brand them to your own private label brand.

Let us help you with our professional team members to develop you brand here local in los Angeles made in USA.

Whether you are just starting to develop your brand collection, or you are existing brand if using stock apparel, garments and accessory is suitable for your desire style you can benefit in many ways.

  • Much shorter turnaround times.
  • Less development cost.
  • Fewer minimum order requirements (MOQ).
  • Have more colors.
  • Gathering a larger collection for less investments.

Promote your brand with your own woven or tag-less labels. Our in-house sewing department can easily remove the manufacturer's label and replace it with your own custom woven label in any location. Go tag-less for that unique look and added comfort. Tag-less tees let you completely customize the label and eliminate tag irritation.

Hang Tagging:

Custom hang tags allow you to add additional product info to your garments. We can provide various shapes and sizes, all customized with your logo and branding, attached with string or tagging guns. Use sticker hang tags or attach stickers for an added bonus and increased brand awareness. If you have product price and SKU tickets we can attach them as well to make your garments fully retail-ready.

Folding / Poly Bagging / Sticker Application:

Selling your shirts online? Do your vendors require items to be individually packaged? Want to save time packing and shipping orders? We can fold your shirts, insert them into poly-bags and apply size stickers so you don't have to. Our in-house equipment can individually fold and polybag your product to your specifications, quickly and consistently. Benefits of Euphoric Colors  Folding & Bagging services.

Distribution services:

You don?t need a warehouse or office to run your successful online business, ask us abut out warehousing and distribution program! 


  • Protects your printed garments from dust & spills
  • Keeps shirts neatly folded
  • Makes it easy to sort shirts by size
  • Easy storage of your finished garments
  • Ensures a great first impression on your customer

Organic clothing is clothing made from materials raised in on in or grown in

Compliance with organic .

Organic clothing may be composed of cotton, jute, silk, ramie, or wool. Retailers charge more for organic clothing because the source of the clothing's fiber are free from herbicides, pesticides, or genetically modified seeds.

Textiles do not need to be 100% organic to use the organic label.


Authentic organic fabrics and clothing can help the environment in a number of ways, such as:

  • No synthetic pesticides are used 
  • Organic cotton farming uses up to 60% less water than conventional farming methods
  • Pesticide or herbicide residues are not entered accidentally into the environment
  • Humans and animals are not exposed to chemical pesticides or herbicides
  • When the fabric is discarded, pesticides and herbicides are not returned to the earth in landfill, or enter into recycling process.

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