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A Helpful Guide To Smart Clothes

There will be hardly any person who is not fond of fashion. In fact, most millennial tend to stay a step ahead of fashion. Just like any other field, innovations and development in the technology field can be seen in the fashion industry as well. One of the hottest technological innovations in the fashion world is smart clothes. Note that just like smart gadgets, you can find smart textiles as well these days. This type of clothes is also referred to as e-textiles, smart wear, high-tech clothing, smart garment, electronic textiles, etc.

What Are Smart Clothes?

It can be said that the world is redefining fashion with the introduction of smart clothes. As the name indicates, smart fabrics or clothes are the garments that are enhanced using technology in order to take its functionality beyond that of a traditional ensemble or fabric. While some smart clothes are enhanced using interwoven circuitry, others boast additional hardware and sensors to take its functionality to the next level. You will be amazed to know that many smart clothes can be connected to other secondary devices or apps using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. However, a piece of fabric cannot be branded smart just because it boasts a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth facility.

Perfect Examples Of Smart Clothes

The best way to make one understand an alien or new technology is with the help of examples. When it comes to smart clothes, some of the popular examples include;

Smart Socks

Can you imagine socks that can analyze the amount of pressure every part of your feet experience while running and send the data to your smartphone? This is the use of smart socks. Needless to mention, this will be a great tool for all the athletes and fitness freaks out there.

Smart Work Clothes 

If you are a professional, you can purchase one of the smart work suits that can do tasks such as unlocking the phone, exchanging digital business cards, interacting effectively with other devices, etc.

Smart Sleepwear

As the name indicates, this type of smart clothing is designed to improve the sleep quality and muscle recovery of the wearer. This is achieved by manufacturing the fabric in a way to absorb the body heat of the wearer while releasing infrared light.

Smart Casual Wear

Many high-end companies have developed smart casual clothes to track the usage of their products. Based on the data, they will reward their customers who use their products the most as a token of their gratitude.

Smart Shoes

Do you know that Pizza Hut has developed some limited edition specialized smart sneakers that can order pizza from their brand just by pressing a button on the shoes? You can also customize the shoes and add other buttons to perform other tasks. Another popular smart shoe variant is the fitness-related one that performs tasks such as calculating the number of calories that you burnt while working out, number of steps you walked, monitoring your sleep, etc.


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