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Additive Manufacturing And The Changes In Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is going through a period where drastic changes are necessary and welcome. There is a shift of the overall attitude towards production of a lower quantity of products which are characterized by a higher degree of value, and which are customizable, innovative, and sustainable. One of the key catalysts to this change is Additive Manufacturing (AM).

How To Find A Clothing Manufacturer For Your Business

f you are planning to launch a clothing brand, finding a method to make it different from a sea of other brands is important, and a great way to achieve that is to sell unique products.

The challenge is to find those unique products, which is why several entrepreneurs choose to make their own products. Deciding whether to supply clothing items to adults, kids, or both is not easy, and you may require some help to start this process.

3D Printing Changing The Fashion Segment

Fashion industry players these days cannot deny there is no better time than now to take positive steps in manufacturing. Huge change is being facilitated thanks to the spike in technological advancements. The industry is seeing the overall approach slowly moving towards accommodating lower quantity manufacturing of high-added value, customizable, more sustainable, and innovative products. Additive manufacturing is a significant driver of change in today’s fashion space.

Traits To Look For In Your Apparel Manufacturing Partne

Are you planning to start an apparel brand of your own? In most cases, people may think about doing a partnership business so that it will be easier for them to tackle and manage things. If you are also thinking about the same, this will be one of the most crucial decisions that can shape your professional life. Hence, you must be extremely careful and choosy when deciding on partnering with a company for your apparel brand.

A Helpful Guide To Smart Clothes

There will be hardly any person who is not fond of fashion. In fact, most millennial tend to stay a step ahead of fashion. Just like any other field, innovations and development in the technology field can be seen in the fashion industry as well. One of the hottest technological innovations in the fashion world is smart clothes. Note that just like smart gadgets, you can find smart textiles as well these days. This type of clothes is also referred to as e-textiles, smart wear, high-tech clothing, smart garment, electronic textiles, etc.

Technologies That Will Impact The Future Of Textile Industry

Textile Industry Technologies

The technological advancements had a great impact on the textile industry and are still playing a significant role in shaping the future of this industry. All the fields associated with the textile industry are in the phase of revolutionary changes. From clothing manufacturers to retailers, the advancements in technology are remaining as a driving force behind all of them. Many researches are still going on to incorporate technology in different fields of the textile manufacturing industry to facilitate its development.


Looking to build your own clothing line?? Let us help you! Consider your options. Will you need to hire help to work on your clothing line? Consider what sort of assistance you'll need, how many hours per week you'll require, and what you'll be able to pay. If your production is at boutique level, you may be able to do all the cutting, stitching, and hemming yourself. If you plan to start a bit bigger, you'll definitely need to hire production help. Do you want your clothing to be produced locally? Organically?

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